2016 Ronners

2016 Ronners

Support the Ronners who will Run4Ron at the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2016!

A huge thank you to all who will Run4Ron at the Virgin Money London Marathon on April 24.

They are working hard to fundraise as much as they possibly can for the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund, but they need your support!

The RPMF supports many of Britain’s most talented athletes aged 15-23 with financial grants totalling tens of thousands of pounds every year.  A key source of fundraising is via money raised by ‘Ronners’ and in 2015 in excess of £60,000 was raised for the Fund through people running the London Marathon.

Here we meet some of 2016’s Virgin Money London Marathon ‘Ronners’:

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Ruth Hooper, David Hapeman, Dan Smith, Rebecca Gentry & Cory Wharton-Malcolm

Once again Nike has generously supported the RPMF London Marathon squad with the provision of Ronners race an training tops. Thank you



Katharina Schmidseder, Natalie Powell, Jessica Guth & Katherine Self


Katharina – Truly on a life changing path having already lost 4 stone in the past 2 years

Donate to: Katharina’s VirginMoney Page

Natalie – A member of the East London Runners group, Natalie’s aiming to achieve a personal “Life Goal”

Donate to: Natalie’s Virgin Money Page

Jessica & Katherine Jess and Kath, a couple from Keighley, West Yorkshire, are joining the Too Fat TJess and Kath 2016 Ronnerso Run Team to raise funds for the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund in this year’s London Marathon. Over the last 18 months we have been on a rollercoaster running journey. Kath, who has always been sporty, has been supporting Jess, who couldn’t run 100 metres at the start of 2015. In summer 2015 we managed 10km, In Autumn a half marathon and in January 2016 we successfully finished the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge by completing 48.6 miles over 4 consecutive days. Now we are looking forward to tackling the iconic London course.  Follow Jess’s blog here

Donate to: Jess’s Virgin Money Page  Katherine’s Virgin Money Page


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David Goggins and Michael Simpkins


DaDavid Gogginvid – A lifetime goal of mine and I have decided 2016 is the year to achieve it and give something back.  Every penny will inspire me to train harder and run faster on the day.  Your emotional support is also invaluable to me personally.

 Donate to: David’s Virgin Money Page


Michael Simpkins

Michael – Thanks to the current efforts of a certain Mr Izzard my mission to run two marathons in two weeks (2M2W) feels a little unambitious. That said, I will be running the entire distance, I weigh at least twice as much as him and I’ll be doing it unaided.

Donate to: Michael’s Virgin Money Page


Russell Bishop, Suzi Morgan, Andy Skillen, Stacey Moore & Daniel Moxham

Russell Bishop

Suzi Morgan pic

Stacey Moore





Suzi – “I’ve always wanted to run the London Marathon – now it seems I am actually going to do it!!!  aaaaahhh help!!”

Andy “I will be trying to complete the Marathon in 4 hours with my previous best and only other marathon being 4 hours 44 minutes so I have to shave off 2 minutes per mile to reach my goal. Yikes!! Please give generously and I have no problem with you doubling your donation if I finish it in less than 4 hours :-)”

Donate to: Russell’s Virgin Money Page

Donate to: Stacey’s Virgin Money Page

Donate to: Suzi’s Virgin Money Page

Donate to: Andy’s Just Giving Page

Donate to: Daniel’s Virgin Money Page

Donate to: Nicola’s Virgin Money Page




Andrew Sneddon, Paul Naylor, Liam Royle


Andrew: 2 years ago I couldn’t run a mile let alone over 26! Now 5 stones lighter and fitter than I’ve ever been it’s time‎ to face my biggest challenge.

Paul: I have run a little all my life and kept myself fit, but running a marathon…an ambition I never thought I would achieve.  Well this year that is going to be put right!

Liam: I’ve spent a lot of time participating in running races all over the UK and internationally, including four marathons. This has been part of a massive lifestyle change for me (in 2011, I couldn’t run a mile never mind 26.2!)

Donate to: Andrew’s Virgin Money Page

Donate to: Paul’s Just Giving Page

Donate to: Liam’s Just Giving Page



Lucy Stewart, Joseph Pizens, Emma Welch, Samuel Breen (Breeny), James Nevens and Tom Coles


As a team, we believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy sport, remembering what it was like to run as a child! We will be pushing our way around the 26mile (385 yards) course, in the hopes that you can give generously!

Donate to: NotSoCoolRunnings’ Virgin Money Page



I am running the London Marathon for my sister Sophie who has received the Jean Pickering Olympic Scholarship (http://rpmf.org.uk/jean-pickering-scholarships/) and other young athletes, so that the RPMF can continue to support them on their journey to success at future Olympic Games.

Donate to: Holly’s Just Giving Page


Deborah Percy 1DEBORAH PERCY 

I am currently running 8 miles cycling 10 and walking 3  , five  days a week.always feels like more with the islands terrain…bloody hills everywhere!! . Whatever happens..i will finish so bring it on!

Donate to: Deborah’s Just Giving Page



I believe we should support our budding athletes in any way possible and do not believe that money should prevent them from achieving their goals.  It is a privilege to run for this charity

Donate to: Sarah’s Virgin Money Page



This started back in 2010 with a New Year’s resolution to walk 1 mile around Rhoose Point each evening in an effort to get fitter.  After a month I decided to start jogging instead.  As time went on I ran whilst my children were taking part in activities. Having run the Cardiff Half for the last 6 years, I’ve also been in the ballot for London 5 times, but never successful.  When the chance came up late January to ‘Run for Ron’ I jumped at it; achieving a long term goal and supporting a worthy cause at the same time.  I very much look forward to the event, meeting other ‘Ronners’, plus those working behind the scenes for the RPMF.

Donate to: Alan’s Virgin Money Page

Charlie Burn 2CHARLIE BURN

Aston Villa fan Charlie is on the performance team for the sport’s governing body, British Athletics and is running for the RPMF

Donate to: Charlie’s Just Giving Page

Photo Credit: Mark Shearman