2019 RPMF Grant Application

2019 RPMF Grant Application Form

The Ron Pickering Memorial Fund is a Charity that is active only the sport of Athletics. We cannot support any other sports. RPMF Grants are awarded each year to young athletes with need and demonstrated ability in the sport.

Athletes from other sports such as Basketball, Swimming or Gymnastics shall be eliminated from the process and not considered for support. We are sorry for this but we believe that it is better to focus on where we can have the greatest impact based upon our history, experience and contacts.

To comply with EU GDPR regulations, you must agree that you are voluntarily submitting personal information that we shall keep in order to process and respond to this application.

We shall collect your personal information for the purpose of communicating with you in regard of RPMF Grants. We shall not pass this information to any third parties, nor use it for any commercial or marketing activities, and you can contact us at any time to remove this information from our database.

Athletics History and Performance Summary

Please list your achievements in the appropriate Championships this year:

Your Education

Existing Support and Financial Need

Please double check your application before submitting as once submitted this cannot be amended.