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David Omoregie reflects on 2015 and hopes for Rio 2016

Rio bound? So far so good for David Omoregie

Looking back and reflecting on 2015 season I feel it really couldn’t have gone better.  After starting the year slowly, due to adjusting with my new coach and a complete relocation to Loughborough, I couldn’t have been happier with the results achieved.

I learnt a lot about myself and about many of the external factors that affect you as an athlete outside of just training at the track.  I plan on using these experience from 2015 into 2016 in helping me achieve my ultimate goal of making the team for the Rio 2016 Olympic games.  The task at hand of making the team Rio is a tough prospect with the abundance of 110mh talent in the UK but I feel if I work hard and stay focused is a definite opportunity.

Winter training started in September and so far has been focussed on improving my technique over the hurdles, ensuring that I can be as efficient as I can be in clearing the barriers.  So far this is coming together well, day by day and session by session as we pick on many technical aspects.

As well as starting back my training in September, I started university in Loughborough studying Economics with Accounting.  I have found the balancing act of the two a tough task up so far however, at the same time I find the two bounce of each other well, i.e. training at the track means a break from university studies and vice versa.  Starting university has also enabled me to completely settle in Loughborough and meet a lot more people outside athletics which lets me get away from the athletics world at times when I feel it gets on top of me.

Starting my 2016 indoor season so far it has gone well, running a PB of 7.68 in Mondeville, France. Despite being a PB preparation was far from ideal and getting to Mondeville proved difficult (4-hour train from Paris on top of a flight from Birmingham) and not to mention the actual warm up being very small and crowded.  This of course gives me a lot of confidence heading into the rest of the season that given the right prep maybe I can go faster.  I still feel hopeful that there is a lot more to come in my next races and I get faster as the things I have worked on in training come through to fruition in competition.

Overall, my coach and I see the indoor season as great preparation for the outdoor season and almost a ‘test’ to see how my training so far in the winter has worked.  Of course I would like to run fast indoors but, at the same time I believe the long term plan we have for making the team for Rio can take adjusting to and is constructed on me performing at my best in the summer which I hope to do!

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