2019 Grant Application process is now Open!

2019 Grant Application process is now Open!

Apply here for an RPMF Grant for 2019!

Make sure you get your application in now!

The Grant Application process will close at Midnight on Friday November 30th, 2018

If you are a young, talented, able bodied or disability Track and Field athlete, aged 15-23 yrs, in need of support then you can apply for support from the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund.  Unfortunately we do not support other sports.

The application process is only accessible by applying directly using the online application form. No other method of application will be accepted and the application process is only available during this time. Please ensure that you are accurate but concise in your answers, and make certain that you include all information that can help us to make a good decision and assess your particular needs and circumstances.

Please understand that we receive a great deal of applications and the Grants Committee looks closely at every application and a decision is made on the basis of not only talent, but also such qualities as need and continued progress within the sport. Our funds are limited but we try to help as many athletes as reasonably possible within our limits and guidelines.  It is not possible to help everyone but we shall continue to do what we can to enable young athletes to continue to develop and progress within the wonderful sport of Athletics.

We have found in our experience that support at the right time, however small, can provide the right encouragement to a young athlete and to make them understand that their talent and effort is being noticed and appreciated by someone other than their own family.  Such a grant may help buy a new pair of spikes, or help and athlete travel to see their coach on a regular basis, but we have been told by many of the hundreds of young athletes that we have helped in the past, that this meant a great deal at that time.

Good luck.
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