2018 RPMF Awards to be announced shortly

2018 RPMF Awards to be announced shortly

We received an overwhelming 640 Applications this year, and increase of 20% over last year and therefore it has taken a long time for the Trustees to review all the applications. Not only were these record numbers but also the standard of applications, both according to need and level of performance, were higher than ever before which made the process of reviewing these applications much more difficult than any previous years.

We shall be informing everyone within the first half of January 2018, if they are successful or not as we have to communicate with a great number of people, so please be patient.

The selection of the Grant recipients is always a difficult process as we are only a small Charity, and we are largely dependent upon the money raised each year by a small group of dedicated “Ronners” that take part in the London Marathon and raise money for us as their chosen charity, and the support of family and friends in donating to them and the RPMF. This income determines how much we have available each year to award as Grants.

We have to live within our means and so the total amount that we can award each year is balanced with this income, which means that each year we have to make tougher and tougher decisions in who we can support and who would benefit most for this support.   This is always a balancing act and we try to be fair to all, but I also hope that you understand that we just cannot help everyone, however much we would like to, and so there are bound to be many disappointed applicants. For example, is our support more effective as an encouragement to 3 or 4 young athletes, or one senior athlete whose needs are different.  We would encourage you if unsuccessful this year, to keep applying in future years, as athletes that we were unable to help this time, we may be able to help next year, but similarly an athlete that we may help this year we may not be able to support next year.

We are also currently working with out Treasurer and our Bank to decide the best way to make the payments on successful applications, and due to the Christmas and New Year Bank holidays this has taken more time than we expected so has delayed our announcements slightly.

Sometimes the automatic email sent out to the Applicants, may get caught up in your SPAM settings on your inbox, so please check this. We shall be emailing everyone with the results from the email address: grants@rpmf.org.uk so I hope that this message gets through.
We shall also be active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as here on our website when we announce the awards so you should know once these announcements are made.
Best of luck with your application, and all best wishes for a Happy and Successful 2018.
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