Too Fat to Run

Julie Creffield is heading up a team of ladies running the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon for the RPMF

virgin money giving2JulieCJulie Creffield

Learn more about Julie’s ‘VLM2015 Fab Four’ at

“I did my biggest distance so far on Sunday, 15 miles and this weekend I am running a local half marathon which is described affectionately as the 13 hills in 13 miles half. I have a niggling shoulder injury which is playing on my mind, but other than that I am in good spirits.”

TraceyITracey Irwin

“Hi I’m Tracey, a 45-year-old plus-size runner.

“The day before I sent off my application to Julia Creffield I had listened to a very motivational speaker talking about aiming high, dreaming big! So I thought I have always wanted to do this so let’s go for it, the chances of being picked are next to not going to happen…
How wrong was I?

“I have since been through a range of emotions after receiving the email from Julie to say I was one of her four, from sheer delight to ‘OMG what have I done’ and every other emotion in between.

“Shortly after I spent a lot of time looking at training plans to find one to suit me and my lifestyle and I have found a great beginners programme.

“I then had the great idea to incorporate my training runs with walking my dog (nine-year-old boxer) along the canal. For various reasons she now only comes out with me when I do hill work over at the ranges. One of these reasons is half way through one of these lovely tranquil runs she decided to stop for a drink in the canal lost her balance and went in head first. This then resulted in me dragging her out and looking more like I’d been swimming rather than running. Not a problem, no one and nothing was hurt except my dignity as to my embarrassment a lovely couple had seen the whole thing.

“I now do my training runs on my own until about a week ago when my partner Richard returned home from a rugby match in Twickenham a little worse for wear (as he very rarely drinks) and was unable to accompany me to a friend’s house for her birthday drinks. I used this opportunity to my advantage and played the, ‘you are not supporting me’ card, hahaha!

“He totally fell for it and asked how he could support me more. Thinking cap on I came up with a plan that as my distances increased I would need to take on fluids and suggested that we took a trip to a bicycle shop so he could purchase a bike and join me. Tomorrow will be our first outing together, it could end in tears!

“See you at the finish line!”

Joanne Oborn

Joanne has been increasing the number of 10km races she takes part in since November. Every time she comes home with a medal, her four-year-old son, Jack, says: ‘Mummy you won the race!’

She says she is nearer last place than first but he looks so pleased for her . She is a winner in his eyes!

EvaBEva-Maria Bonin

Eva has a blog which you can find here:

“An economist by day and long distance runner by night, Eva is running VLM to show that no matter what size you are, life is better with exercise.”

SaraSara Hawksworth