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David Omoregie – December 2014: Looking back on a great year

David Omoregie – December 2014: Looking back on a great year

Jean Pickering Olympic Scholarship recipient David Omoregie reflects on 2014 and looks ahead to the next year

2014 has been an amazing year for me starting back in January during the indoor season all the way to finishing the outdoor season at the World Junior Championships. During the year I have really surprised myself with the performances I’ve managed to produce and I feel I have been very lucky this year with the support I have had from Welsh and British Athletics as well as the people around me including my coach and my family who have made it possible.

This year my most memorable and positive experience was probably competing at the World Junior Championships in Eugene. Competing at such a huge recognised event was a really mind-blowing experience and the fact that I came away with a bronze medal in the 110m hurdles is always going to make Hayward Field a special place for me. Running at Hayward Field and through competing and surrounding myself by many high-leveled athletes allowed me this winter to assess and rectify mistakes I made and things I needed to improve on at the time which I hope to take and implement in future years to come. I hope one day I’m able to come back and run again at Hayward Field to make more memories like I did this year.

Post World Juniors I had a long awaited two-week holiday in Abu Dhabi spent with my brother who works out there as a business analyst. Having this time off let me at long last finally relax after a long year on and off the track juggled with school and my A-levels.

Whilst away, with winter training not to far away, I made sure I made the best of my time through experiencing pretty much everything the UAE had to offer including skiing believe it or not!

After a crazy holiday I returned back to Cardiff to continue my education at Cardiff University studying accounting and finance. I’ve always had high ambitions off the track and knew that this new task of combining my training with my university studies would be hard. I can honestly say that I have managed this combination well so far. Over these last couple of months at university I’ve found being able to achieve and succeed well on and off the track is challenging, however it’s just a matter of time management and using the little time I do have to ensure work and assignments are done.

So far winter training has gone really well and most importantly I’ve got through it injury-free. I haven’t changed much in my general training programme given how well the past year has gone. We have slowly implemented a few more weightless bar exercises in the gym, though, to develop my technique and slowly build the strength I will need competing in the sprint hurdles.

For me 2015 is going to be an interesting year and one that I’m extremely looking forward to. I hope to try and mix with some of the best in the UK whilst at the same time develop as an athlete and gain vital experience. My main goal in the coming year will be to compete at the European Under-23 Championships and try my best to compete and challenge with the top guys for a place on the team for the World Championships in Beijing.

Hurdles at the moment is a very competitive event and to be honest I’m not too worried if it doesn’t come together right now as I realise I’m still quite young and a relative novice to the event. I think for me next year my main overall aim is to basically enjoy competing against these top guys with no pressure and to try to take as many positive as I can from this year into my more long-term goals such as future Olympics and World Championships.

» David is pictured above with Dina Asher-Smith after the pair were named junior athletes of the year at the 2014 British Athletics Writers’ Association awards in London

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