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Chris Kandu – Hungry for success

2015 Season has been a year of learning about how to make the transition from Juniors to Seniors.

During this season I endured a number of early setbacks but did manage to finish the season with an International Medal at the U23’s.

Looking back at the season just gone this has given me so much hunger and knowledge of how to be one of the best in the world.

After a much needed break, I’ve finally begun training again but the scenery is different to what is was last year.

In my break I reflected on what works and what doesn’t and I’ve decided to work jointly alongside my old coach John Herbert & my current coach Fuzz Ahmed. I believe both of their expertise and qualities can help me to become an elite High Jumper. To date it’s been going well and I’m enjoying the balance of working with 2 elite groups. From what I’ve seen so far from training with both groups the intensity has increased, everyone means business. It’s exciting to see everyone raise their game.

For me I’m just focusing on improving from last season & being consistent at a high level which is the difference between being good and great, so that is what I’m working towards.

I’m looking forward to see what next year holds for me, it’s such a humbling feeling being back on the Funding Program for British Athletics & receiving continued support from Jean Pickering’s Olympic Scholarship Scheme.

Last season I went through some adversity but it has made me more hungry and more focused on where I need to take my performances. Next season excites me and I really hope to repay the favour with some good performances at a high level next season.


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