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After a tough 2015, Zane Duquemin is ready for 2016

RIO! I’m going to give it my best shot!

Reflecting on my 2015 season it’s safe to say it did not go as planned!  After basing myself at Loughborough and making changes to my technique and training programme I hoped to have a great season to set me up for Rio.  Unfortunately this was not the case and my season never really got going at all, as I struggled to develop consistency with my technique in both events and then had to call my shot season short due to a wrist injury.

Zane Duquemin - British Indoors

Since 2012 my main focus has been shot and this has never been questioned.  My aim was to take British Shot putting to a world class level and hope to pull a few more throwers along with me as the event has been poor in this country for too long and has been tarnished by drug cheats.

This year I began to consider going back to focusing on discus but the decision was essentially made for me when I developed some issues with my wrist which stopped me from throwing shot.  I won’t go into detail but it basically felt like someone was stabbing me in the wrist every time I extended my wrist at all so trying to throw a 16lb shot was a serious struggle!  Despite a prolonged period of rest the issue has now returned so I’m going to have to manage the issue very carefully if I’m going to be able to throw shot to a good standard in the future.

I have now been dropped from the World Class Performance Programme which was expected but nevertheless still disappointing.  Thesupport from RPMF along with my sponsor from back home The One Foundation is now even more essential, providing me with the necessary funding to train full time in Loughborough as I attempt to qualify for the Rio Olympics for discus.  The standard is extremely tough (further than bronze medal distance at last 2 world champs!) but I know I can throw the standard if I’m in shape in the right conditions so I’m going to give it my best shot!


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