Application portal for 2022 RPMF Grants is now closed.

Application portal for 2022 RPMF Grants is now closed.

The application portal for 2022 RPMF Grants, which had been open for applications since early October, closed at Midnight on November 30th, so no further applications will be accepted.

With 460 Application received over the past 9 weeks, there will be  a great deal of work to be done by the Grants Committee of the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund as they work through and read each of the applications in full over the coming weeks.  Only then will the massive selection meeting take place, often lasting 8-10 hours of tough discussion among the panel members, to reduce the applicants down to the most deserving young athletes in terms of talent and need, to recieve an RPMF Grant in early 2022.

Typically, the 460 applications are whittled down to around 180-200 Grant Recipients, although there is no fixed number in mind, and it is more a process of determining the worthiness and level of support for each applicant, following years of a similar process by the key members of the Grants Committee.

While the meeting is very long, it is very satisfying for the Trustees giving their time freely to go through all of the applications.  For many years these meetings were hosted at the home of Jean Pickering, and included a famous “Cornish Pasty Lunch” featuring her signature dish that Jean learned how to make when a young girl evactuated from East London to Cornwall during the war, when hand written application forms had to be painstakingly photocopied for each committee member to work their way through.

The number of applications has increased dramatically since those days, but thankfully we have moved to an online application process that makes it easier to apply, but also to collate the information coming in to single page layout per application that can also be viewed on computer or tablet.  In recent years, due to Covid restrictions, the in person meeting, typically held at UKA Headquarters in Birmingham, has moved online also, into a virtual meeting over Zoom, which has reduced travelling time for a number of the Trustees, and also eliminated the need for the all important trip to Tesco for the sandwiches and drinks to keep everyone going over the long day.

Good luck to all those that applied this year and we shall be informing all of the applicants by email if they were successful of not in early January, but a lot of work has to be done by the Trustees before then, and we are extremely grateful for their time and committment to the cause.

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