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Chris Kandu – November 2014: The next step

Chris Kandu – November 2014: The next step

Jean Pickering Olympic Scholarship recipient Chris Kandu looks ahead to making the jump up to becoming a successful senior athlete

Winter training is finally underway and I’m excited about next year as it’s where I really begin my quest on becoming a good senior athlete. Having enjoyed some success at a junior level, ultimately it all boils down to what you become as a senior athlete. For me next season is another opportunity for me to up my levels in this event.

Making the decision to switch coaches from John Herbert to Fuzz Ahmed was pretty much straightforward, as I had a good relationship with Fuzz prior to making my decision to move on. However I’m very grateful for what John has done for me in the past few years, he has laid a foundation which has helped me greatly in my progression in the sport and I have the upmost respect for what he has done with me.

Training with Fuzz and Darren Joseph has been exciting, I feel their knowledge and training guidance has so far benefitted me greatly in my progression as a senior athlete. I train alongside four national record holders which includes Olympic bronze medallist Robbie Grabarz. So I feel I’m in a very good training environment. With the group I have joined we all have the mind-set that we want to get better and keep growing, but we also know that we want to win medals at major championships. But as it’s a cut-throat sport the group is very competitive as there’s only so many jumpers British Athletics can take to a world, European or Olympic Games.

The way my young career has gone so far for me, I think people know that I’m human, that I make mistakes. I feel it’s a blessing in disguise as I have no pressure or expectations on my senior career. That’s the beauty of it, so I can continue to work in silence without much hassle from this person or the other.

Being awarded funding from the RPMF for the next season is exciting, it’s all a new experience to me as there’s so much support for the athletes awarded this scheme. My friend CJ Ujah told me to “make the most out of it, but never be complacent in anyway just because you’ve been awarded this. Keep working hard.” So I know what to expect from myself with this award moving forward.

My training schedule is pretty sophisticated. I train with Fuzz every two weeks of the month in Birmingham and when I’m back in London I train at Lee Valley with Christine Bowmaker and Ed Mias who is part pf the British Athletics medical team so I’m in good hands wherever I’m training which I’m very grateful for.

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