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Zane Duquemin – November 2014: Funding and the future

Zane Duquemin – November 2014: Funding and the future

Jean Pickering Olympic Scholarship recipient Zane Duquemin gives an update on his 2014 season and move to Loughborough

After a disappointing 2014 season which was ruined by injuries I had some decisions to make.

Being based at home was great but realistically it wasn’t providing me with what I needed to reach the highest level. After considering my options it was decided that I should make the move to Loughborough and base myself at the National Performance Institute. This would give me access to the best throws facility in the country as well as medical support from British Athletics if needed.

I believe that being in a high-performance environment surrounded by other elite athletes will help me to develop and make the step up to the next level.

Like most athletes, staying in a good place financially is a constant struggle. I’ve been very fortunate that my parents have supported me throughout my career and in more recent years I’ve been helped by the One Foundation, a charitable organisation in Jersey.

I also feel very lucky to have had the support of the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund for a number of years, especially now with the Jean Pickering Olympic Scholarship, but I knew this alone would not be enough if I lost my place on the World Class Performance Programme.

Fortunately British Athletics have shown faith in me and I will be funded for another year. This will allow me to continue to train full time for both events (shot put and discus) and also gives me the opportunity to go on warm weather training camps in the lead up to both the indoor and outdoor season.

My first eight weeks of training have gone very well and I feel I’m now in a strong position moving forward. Hopefully I can make the most of my current situation and produce some big throws in 2015!

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