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The applications for 2020 RPMF Grants has now closed.

The applications for 2020 RPMF Grants has now closed.

476 Applications received over 2 Month window.

The Application Window for the 2020 RPMF Grants closed at midnight on 30th November 2019, having remained open since the beginning of October, which should have given all athletes sufficient opportunity to submit their application.

The final application arrived at 11:59pm on Saturday, and it came from an athlete that we have helped in the past with an RPMF Grant, the very talented Dominic Ogbechie.  His was the 476th application that came in via the online application portal.

The Grants Committee of RPMF now has the difficult task of reviewing the merits of each individual application and judge them against a set of criteria that has evolved and developed over many years as the quantity and quality of applications has increased over the years.  As you can imagine this takes a lot of time for each of the Trustees to read through the applications, and culminates in a very long meeting when we get together to discuss the merits of each applicant, which typically takes close to 8 hours to complete.

We hope to have this meeting towards the end of December or early January, when we can get a date in the diary for this meeting, aroud the difficult schedule of the Trustees during this busy time.  We hope to then send out the letters and cheques to the lucky successful recipients and emails to all those that sadly we have not been able to help this year, by the middle of January.   This is an extremely difficult process and unfortunately our funds are limited, so we have to make some tough choices, but our goal is to help as many athletes as we can with the funds available.

These grants would not be possible without the incredible efforts of our “Ronners” that took part in the 2019 London Marathon and their fundraising activities, as it is this money that allows us to award the RPMF Grants each year.  When our “Ronners” have a good year, then we have more money available to us for Grants the following year.

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