RPMF Grants

RPMF Grants

The application process for RPMF Grants takes place in October and November of each year.

When the application process is open a athlete will be able to apply directly using the online application form.  No other methods will be accepted and the application process is only available at this time.

The selection process then takes place in early December and the announcemnts of the award recipients is usually made at the end of December or early January.

Upon completion of the online application form an automatic response will be sent to the email address entered o the application form during this process, by means of confirmation of receipt of the form.  If you do not receive this confirmation email then please contact us at info@rpmf.org.uk

If successful in the application process and a RPMF Grant is awarded the athlete shall be notified via an email to this same address.

Similarly, if unsuccessful in the application and no grant is awarded, an email shall be sent to inform of the unsuccessful application.

Please understand that we receive a great deal of applications and the Grants Committee looks closely at every application and a decision is made on the basis of not only talent, but also such qualities as need and continued progress within the sport. Our funds are also limited but we try to help as many athletes as reasonably possible within our limits and guidelines.