Athlete Testimonials

“Without your support throughout my whole career, my achievements this year would have never been possible. Thank you Jean”.

Robbie Grabarz

‘Getting support from the Ron Pickering Memorial fund as a youngster gave me the belief that I could go out and achieve my best. It was such an uplifting feeling to know that someone out there, who I hadn’t yet met, was willing to help me on my journey. They had that small belief that I could go out there and do something’

Christine Ohuruogu

‘The RPMF was the first organisation to identify and support the talent and love I had for athletics. The support I received made me feel like somebody believed in me and was a huge help at the time. I was so proud recently to pay that money back to the fund to help support the next generation of athletes. If I am half the woman Jean is by her age then I will be pleased! Thank you so, so much for all you have done for so many of us.’

Goldie Sayers

“Thank You so much to Jean and the RPMF you helped me achieve my dream. Thank You”.

Sophie Hitchon

“Thank you Jean, Ron Pickering gives kids the chance to chase their dreams. The opportunities you have given and continue to give to people can change lives for the better. I thank you for what the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund did for me; I feel privileged to be able to chase my dreams”.

Richard Buck

‘The RFMF has been such an invaluable support that has helped me chase my dream. Thank you Jean’

Laura Weightman

“Jean, Thank you for supporting my earlier career when l was developing my craft. If it wasn’t for the support of the Ron Pickering Foundation, it’s unlikely l would be where l am today a 2012 Olympian. Thank you”

Abdul Buhari