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The first edition of our brand new RPMF newsletter is now available to read. As the

On behalf of our family, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude at the outpouring of

Featured Image:   Easy Love from Heptathlete Ellen Barber. Just one of 35 Athlete/Artists displaying their work

The Art of the Athlete Exhibition 2022 Not according to Gavin Johnson and Roald Bradstock; two

On Sunday 4th October, rain and wind swept up and down the country, providing less than

Each year the British Athletics Writers Association makes its awards for Athletes of the Year, as

It turns out serendipitous encounters are not reserved exclusively for Hollywood, as Ron Pickering Memorial Fund

2021 London Marathon round up Ashleigh Spiliopoulou The 2021 London Marathon is complete, with twenty four

An interview with Grant Thornton “Ronner” Hemal Shah ahead of the 2021 London Marathon Well, here

Posted by Jason Henderson Ron Pickering died 30 years ago and Jason Henderson pays tribute to one