Stuart Storey pays tribute to David Coleman

David was a formidable journalist and commentator and in every way a family man. He loved his family. He had a marvelous command of language and his commentary technique was second to none. I regarded him as my mentor. His words to me when we sat together in 1974 at the very beginning of my career were: “this is television, the commentator says what the picture does not say …”

How true.

His wonderful use of silence during his coverage of the Munich disaster during the 1972 Olympic Games showed his absolute journalistic skill.

When our colleague in the commentary box Ron Pickering died in 1991 he immediately accepted an invitation from the late Jean Pickering to help her along with their children Shaun and Kim to set up the “Ron Pickering Memorial Fund”. Jean could always rely on his wise council.

I sat alongside David for seven Olympic Games – it was an absolute privilege.

I will miss the fact that I knew he was still there if I needed him…

Stuart Storey